Brought to book

Business travel is booming again – and so are prices. Average daily hotel rates in Europe have moved six per cent ahead of pre-Covid levels, according to lodging data company STR.

Business travel rockets

Business travel is coming back in force, industry bosses said this week at the ITM Accelerate Conference in Birmingham.

Companies Already Reconsidering Loosening Tightened Travel Budgets

Reigniting corporate culture has become a priority, including meeting new hires or just training employees. In some cases it’s starting to eclipse traditional business travel, and the spike is about to hit budgets and resources that were trimmed during the pandemic.

Business travel and bargaining with hotels: TRIPBAM’s discoveries

Business travel starts again and bargaining with hotels returns to the old cracks: that the agreements are respected. This is not always the case, according to the latest research by TRIPBAM, a global provider of auditing, benchmarking, analysis and supplier of sourcing for hotels but also for flights.